1. Fresh Roll
    non-fried version with hand pulled chicken breast, fresh green, vermicelli in fresh rice paper wrap
  2. Shrimp Roll
    rice paper wrapped, fried with sweet and sour
  3. Japanese Soybean
    Steamed with sea salt
  4. Grilled Scallop
    bacon-wrapped, grilled with sweet soy and sesame
  5. Satay
    Grilled marinated chicken on skewer with peanut sauce and cucumber relish
  6. Potsticker
    fried pork and chicken dumpling sided with soy dipping
  7. Calamari
    tempura batted with sweet and sour dipping
  8. Spring Roll
    Faang's signature fried hand roll with chicken, cellophane and Thai spices
  9. Crispy Tofu
    lightly fried with crushed peanut and sweet sour dipping
  10. Puket Dumpling
    chicken, shrimp and crabmeat seasoned and steamed with soy dipping
  11. Faang's Sampler
    Combination of spring roll, satay, potsticker, shrimp roll and puket dumpling
  12. Shrimp Tempura
    choice of shrimp or veggie, fried with sweet and sour dipping
Soup Salad and Side Order
  1. Lemongrass Soup
    Thai style hot and spicy simmered with mushroom, lemongrass, lime leaf and crush chili Chicken $5.50 Shrimp $6.50
  2. Tom Ka Soup
    creamy coconut soup with wild ginger, lemongrass, mushroom and chicken
  3. Shrimp Wonton Soup
    with vegetable in light chicken broth
  4. Tofu Soup
    steamed tofu, seaweed, shallot in light broth
  5. House Green Salad
    tomato, cucumber, onion and lettuce with choice of house dressing or peanut sauce (add garlic-sauteed shrimp for additional $6)
  6. Papaya Salad
    julienne fresh green papaya in spicy lime, topped with peanut and grilled shrimp on skewer
  7. Larb Chicken
    grounded chicken, Thai rice seasoning, lime juice, chili and chef's seasoning
  8. Spicy Beef Salad
    sliced grilled flank steak, hot pepper, lime, onion, lettuce and mint
  9. Seafood Salad
    seafood assortment, onion and chili paste in spicy lime and lettuce
  10. Side order
    steamed veggie $4 fries $3 side fried rice $4 steamed rice $2 brown rice $2.5
  11. Pad Thai
    chicken L $9.95 D$12.95 shrimp L $13.95 D $16.95 combo (chicken and shrimp) L $10.95 D $17.95
  12. Pho
    Vietnamese style beef noodle soup with sliced beef, roasted beef and basil
  13. Lobster Fried Rice
    wok-tossed with jasmine rice, lobster meat, onion and pea in chef's seasoning
  14. Crabmeat Fried Rice
    Maryland blue crab, chef's rice, onion and pea
  15. Broccoli Rice Noodle
    sauteed fresh rice noodle with egg and light soy sauce chicken, beef or pork L $ 9.95 D $12.95 shrimp or seafood L $13.95 D $16.95
  16. Drunken Noodle
    favorite choice for spicy lover with onion tomato and basil chicken, beef or pork L $ 9.95 D $12.95 shrimp or seafood L $13.95 D $16.95
  17. Chicken Rice Noodle
    L $8.95 D $11.95
    with egg, scallion and a touch of white wine
  18. Chef's Fried Rice
    L $9.95 D $12.95
    popular item, wok-tossed with chicken and shrimp, tomato, onion and a touch of white wine
  19. Spicy Fried Rice
    Thai style with crushed chili, garlic and basil chicken, beef or pork L $ 9.95 D $12.95 shrimp or seafood L $13.95 D $16.95
  20. Fried Rice Combo
    L $10.95 D $13.95
    with combination of chicken, beef and pork
  21. Chili Basil
    our recommended spicy dish with hand-crushed chili, garlic and basil chicken or pork L $9.95 D $12.95 beef L $10.95 D $13.95 seafood or shrimp L $13.95 D $16.95
  22. Ginger Perfect
    fresh ginger. bean paste, onion and mushroom chicken or pork L $9.95 D $12.95 beef L $10.95 D $13.95 seafood or shrimp L $13.95 D $16.95
  23. Bangkok Sunset
    L $11.95 D $14.95
    sliced chicken breast with fresh mango and basil in spicy tangy sauce
  24. Hawaiian Shrimp
    L $13.95 D $16.95
    with pineapple, onion, and bell pepper in sweet and sour sauce
  25. Cashew Chicken
    L $10.95 D$13.95
    chicken breast, cashew nut, chili paste, onion and sun-dried chili
  26. Bangkok Steak
    $ 20.95
    USDA chocie NY strip, marinated and grilled to your liking with vegetable and spicy dipping on side
  27. Teriyaki Steak
    $ 20.95
    USDA NY strip grilled to perfection with sweet soy and sesame, sided with steamed veggie
  28. Stir-Fried Seafod
    L $13.95 D $16.95
    choice of snowpea or asparagus sauteed with mushroom and carrot
  29. Peppery Garlic
    sauteed with garlic and scallion in herbal seasoning chicken or pork L $9.95 D $12.95 beef L $10.95 D $13.95 seafood or shrimp L $13.95 D $16.95
  30. Stir-Fried Broccoli
    sauteed in light garlic and soy sauce chicken or pork L $9.95 D $12.95 beef L $10.95 D $13.95 seafood or shrimp L $13.95 D $16.95
  31. Rama Chicken
    L $10.95 D $13.95
    sliced chicken breast in chef's creamy sauce and topped with peanut sauce
  32. Siam Duck
    L $13.95 D $16.95
    deboned roasted and fried with carrot, onion and sun-dried chili
  33. Seafood Chili Mixture
    L $13.95 D $16.95
    seafood assortment in chili paste, mixed veggie and basil
  34. Crispy Whole Fish
    market price
    catch of the day with choice of basil sauce or ginger sauce
  35. Siam Beef
    L $11.95 D $14.95
    marinated flank steak stir-fried with ginger and scallion on top
  36. Mixed Veggie Stir Fried
    assortment of veggie in light soy and garlic chicken or pork L $9.95 D $12.95 beef L $10.95 D $13.95 seafood or shrimp L $13.95 D $16.95
  37. Duck With Chili Basil
    L $13.95 D $16.95
    crispy and boneless, topped with spicy basil sauce
  38. Wild Pork
    L $10.95 D $13.95
    pork tenderloin, curry paste, peppercorn and coconut milk
  39. Soft Shell Crab
    market price
    a pair of lightly battered soft shell crabs with spicy garlic chili sauce
  40. Sweet and Sour Chicken
    L $9.95 D $12.95
    chicken breast, onion, pineapple and bell pepper in sweet and sour
  41. Green Curry
    spicy curry with bamboo, basil and chili chicken or pork L $10.95 D $13.95 beef L $11.95 D $14.95 seafood or shrimp L $14.95 D $17.95
  42. Panang Curry
    curry paste, peanut sauce and coconut milk with lime leave and basil chicken L $10.95 D $13.95 beef L $11.95 D $14.95
  43. Chicken Red Curry
    L $10.95 D $13.95
    sliced chicken breast, curry paste, coconut milk and basil
  44. Duck Thai Red Curry
    L $14.95 D $17.95
    deboned roasted duck, Thai red curry, pineapple, tomato and coconut


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